Instant Messaging for Business

Our vision was to create a better way for companies to communicate internally, instead of email.

A single place to have conversations that's fast, social, built with ease of use in mind and that's easily accessible anywhere in the world.

A modern workspace for your employees to collaborate - with defined communication channels that automatically organise conversations for you.

Open communication creates an ambient calm, and reduces noise dramatically.

Conversations are organised into threads with clear open and closed statuses which easily shows what is still outstanding whilst preventing double work. Team Zeus is your company culture portal.

By the same token, inactive threads are automatically archived in the background, cleaning up behind you and allowing users to focus on what's important now - and not wasting time on last week's admin.

15+ reasons that using our business chat software is better than email

Send email notifications into Team Zeus from tools that you use to notify staff that are online - and deal with those important enquiries quicker.

Team Zeus is a portal of your company culture, available everywhere in the world thanks to our mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

zeus fighting admin monster

Everything is built with productivity in mind - allowing internal communication to be clear, concise and quick - preserving the attention drain of needless processing, and providing more time for value added tasks. See how much of your working day you can claw back from the admin monster.

No more long email chains, or time wasted on admin.

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zeus fighting admin monster
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