Employee Directory for Business

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful business.

Integrated Employee Directory

Find the contact details for anyone in your organisation, instantly.

Excellent for onboarding by helping staff to 'put a name to a face'.

Other elements of the application rely on the people directory for all user management features, therefore your organisational database will remain updated by default - Gone are the days of out-of-date contact lists.

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Efficient File Management

A single place to easily update and share files.

Upload once, and then access on any device.

Files are separated neatly from message text and can be recalled instantly - Never scroll through a chain of messages to try and find an attachment again!

Our tool promotes a 'self service information mentality' amongst users; encouraging them to be pro-active which in-turn reduces inter-company noise.

Automatic User Status

Instantly see who is online now, idle, busy, not available or on holiday

Have a problem that you need solved quickly? User status is linked with the People Directory enabling you to get help from the department you need, now; no more emailed shots in the dark.

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Meeting & Resource Planner

Handle resource management and availability from wherever you are, no more relying on your secretary or looking at out of date documents.

Find an available meeting room easily.

Can be used for various resources such as pool cars, devices, in fact anything that needs time management and availability.

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