Our Story

How Team Zeus came to be

Team Zeus was born out of frustration. We knew that there had to be a better way for companies to communicate, but we couldn't find anything that had the right balance of speed, accessibility, security, productivity and user friendliness. Existing tools were preventing progress in our organisation, staff were struggling to focus as they were swamped by messages, and managers and executives all admitted to suffering from 'death by email'. Sound familiar? We uncovered what we call the communication pyramid of chaos and set out a way to remove the barriers that made everyone feel 'tied up'.

Modern business life - your life - moves quickly. Email can become a barrier to communication rather than an aid.

What if there was a way to resolve more issues at source, reducing the burden on management whilst improving response time? A way to automatically organise and prioritise internal conversation, prevent double work, and allow staff to handle communication with ease - making time for 'value added tasks'. Of course, it has to be accessible on all devices anywhere in the world, and have no barriers to entry, but that should go without saying...

Our vision is to create a better way for contemporary companies to communicate. Welcome to Team Zeus.

Our Team

Based in the UK and Czech Republic, our founders have a vast amount of experience in the demanding business environment of the 21st Century. Our commercial founders - a father & son team - have built several high growth e-commerce companies that operate throughout Europe, and are all too familiar with the growing pains of an expanding company. On the other hand, developing systems for one of the world's largest banking and financial institutions forms the core of our technical founders' background - where security and reliability are a given. Couple that with vast experience in infrastructure and network management by our fifth and final founder, and we believe that we have an excellent combination of the assets required to develop an informed, reliable solution. Oh, and what's this got to do with Zeus? Well, we're tired of bland, traditional email clients. Why not inject a bit of fun into your working day?

We welcome you to join us on our journey - let's find a better way to communicate, together.