Shared Calendars for Business

View the calendars for an individual, a whole team or a resource - from wherever you are, and with just a single click.

Everyone has their unique Team Zeus calendar created by default, which is visible by all.

Easily organise and plan meetings with your colleagues by being able to see the availability of anyone in the organisation in just a few clicks.

Use our 'find a time' tool to quickly find the soonest available opportunity that everyone is available - and say goodbye to email ping-pong for good.

Stop getting flooded with calendar event / attendee emails, and manage schedules effectively.

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Discover how increased transparency can instantly improve communication in your company

See when people are on holiday, in a meeting, busy, or when they have a free schedule.

Book meetings and manage people and meeting rooms from wherever you are.

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Integrates with your existing calendar application to work on your device of choice.

Updates the User Status panel to automatically show people when you are not available.

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