"Team Zeus is crafted with user experience from the outset and keeps pace as your company grows"

Productivity Built In

Team Zeus has been created with several key efficiency principles in mind, which encourage correct habit building and help to improve staff performance.

Segregating internal communication from other tasks helps to build a single focus mindset.

Automatic prioritisation and categorisation of messages preserves attention for value added tasks.

Team Zeus promotes a single focus mindset

The OHIO principle emphasises processing - there is no 'mark us unread' here, act on a conversation now or star it to return at a later date.

Keep as up to date as you want - In-App and email notifications (if you are offline) are synchronised across all devices.

Alliance of Team Zeus and the OHIO principle
Your company communication should be accessible wherever you are, and across all devices. Bring your company communication into 2019 and adopt an agile solution that moves with the pace of your business

Multi-Device & Platform

Team Zeus is a responsive web application that works on all devices

Simply access using Google Chrome or any modern web browser, on your device or platform of choice.

Native apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry are available for when you're on the move, and a purpose built mobile web skin is available for all other devices.

Available on multiple platforms and devices

Access anywhere with a web browser and internet connection.

And for those who just want to communicate via email, Team Zeus can operate via email only (you never need to access the application), but you will still receive all the benefits (decluttered conversations, open / closed threads and more).

Access Team Zeus anywhere

Coming soon…

Internal Helpdesk

Handle resource management and availability from wherever you are, no more relying on your secretary or looking at out of date documents.

Holiday Planner

Manage holiday requests and plan leave from within the platform. Synchronises with the calendar to provide instant updates.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced analysis of the company communication log - find the busiest times, the average time to respond by department and much much more. Longest thread of the month.

Next Up: A World of Better Communication Awaits...