Retail & eCommerce Solutions with Team Zeus

Overall benefit: Reduce customer response times and improve delivery times, thanks to effective team communication.


As a fast-growing company, our customer (who owned an online store selling kitchen cabinets in the UK), was struggling with the chaos caused by company-wide email use. Their employees were swamped by emails, with each staff member receiving over 100 emails a day from their work colleagues, on top of the ones they were already receiving from customers. More time was being spent clearing inboxes than on real work, meaning that deadlines were not being met. There were also other problems: for example, if a delivery address was changed over the phone but the staff-member who took the call then emailed the delivery team to let them know, this update could easily be missed between other emails. The productivity of the company was affected on a substantial level, therefore, and an increase in customer complaints followed — meaning that the company was giving out more refunds, losing money as a result, whilst also seeing a decline in brand reputation (which would have an impact on future sales).

Positive results

  1. By segregating team conversations from their inboxes, the sales team were able to respond to customer queries much more quickly.
  2. Communication was improved between different departments.
  3. Real time team conversations enabled the relevant teams to adapt quickly to any changes made to a delivery or order.
  4. Collaboration between teammates was improved as they could share updates and documents more easily. Consequently, processes were accelerated and deliveries were made on time. The enhanced levels of service were notable and their brand reputation improved greatly as a result.

Recommended rooms

  • Room per department: HR, Marketing, Operations, Accountancy, etc.
  • Purchasing (suppliers): a room for suppliers should be created, to discuss delivery dates, back in stock dates, etc.
  • Quality control: any problems with the quality of goods should be discussed in a specially-designated room before an order is shipped - that way the sales/fabrication/delivery and customer support teams can be made aware of this.
  • Fabrication: if the company manufactures its own products, a room should be created to discuss the manufacture of products and any issues (such as raw materials issues, problems with any equipment, and manufacturing lead times).
  • Deliveries: lead times; any problems with deliveries; and courier options should be discussed here.
  • Returns/Refunds/Exchanges: if goods are returned, the customer support team will need to let the accounts department know if a refund is required or let the delivery team know if an exchange is required.