Marketing Solutions with Team Zeus

Overall benefit: Effective collaboration between remote workers or teams at separate locations.


Due in part to the global expansion of new technologies, teleworking is a growing phenomenon within the marketing industry, with an increasing reliance on remote workers to reduce overheads. One of our clients, an established marketing enterprise, used to find the process of following up on projects and assigning tasks to certain team members (who were based in different locations or working from home) very challenging.

Difficulties also arose with regard to the use of email to share files and collaborate on a document. Simple mistakes - such as the sender forgetting to attach a file or to include someone in the email list, or a recipient missing an email entirely - had huge consequences. The process of using spreadsheets to collaborate within a team also had drawbacks. Consequently, the company struggled to meet project deadlines and felt they were not harnessing the talents of their teams effectively.

The company also felt that email was not effective for relationship-building: with so many team members based in different locations, positive 'virtual' interaction was more important than ever.

Positive results

  1. With Team Zeus, marketing companies can connect teams in different locations, facilitating collaboration.
  2. Thanks to the directory and the people filter from the instant messaging interface, team members can put names to faces, helping them to communicate with new or unfamiliar persons within the company.
  3. Colleagues can collaborate and exchange files easily within a specifically-designated thread.
  4. Thanks to an enhanced process of communication and collaboration, projects will be completed smoothly and more quickly, helping to improve the service provided to clients.

Recommended rooms

  • Social Media Optimization: room to coordinate different posts on social media for your clients.
  • Specific ad / article: copywriters who are working from home can communicate with the team in the office.
  • Particular client: this room would include conversations such as the client's demands, the budget limit defined and any quotes that have been created.
  • Particular project: a flexi-thread can be created for any specific project: a product launch, event marketing (participation in a tradeshow, opening of a shop, opening of an exhibition…).
  • Particular task: the creative team may need to work together on a specific task, such as the making of a brochure or a company welcome pack.