Manufacturing Solutions with Team Zeus

Overall benefit: Improves communication between dispersed teams


The manufacturing sector is very challenging: the right product needs to be delivered on time (every time), so the success of a company relies on good collaboration between team members. For a client of ours, a large manufacturing company, internal communication became a real challenge that was creating numerous issues from start to finish. For example, when a problem arose - such as when a raw material was out of stock or a machine broke down - using emails to communicate between different units meant that communication was slow. As a consequence, the manufacturing operation would often experience delays. If certain key employees were away from their computers and an issue needed to be resolved quickly, other employees would have to walk from one site to another to discuss the problem; not only did this waste time, but there was also no guarantee that the person on the other end would be there to speak.

Furthermore, repetition was common, with employees continually needing to repeat the same information to different sets of staff. And, as internal and external emails were managed within the same platform, messages from colleagues — often in relation to urgent issues - would often get lost within the flow of emails.

Of course, this all changed when they began to use Team Zeus.

Positive results

  1. Connect employees who work in different factory units.
  2. Time-critical messages can be delivered to the entire team immediately via the noticeboard, ensuring that everyone involved receives important information in a timely fashion.
  3. Better team communication: group discussions can take place easily and in real time, enabling all contributors to make quicker decisions and accelerate operations.
  4. Detect issues more swiftly and accelerate problem-solving.
  5. Less production output loss.
  6. Overtime avoidance.
  7. Shared calendar enabes staff to check the availability of colleagues.
  8. Reduce costs and expenses.
  9. Increase response time .
  10. Brings employees closer together and increase camaraderie.
  11. On the go collaboration via the Team Zeus mobile apps. For example, if a staff-member is away from his/her computer, access to company communication is available at any time and from anywhere.

Recommended rooms

  • One room per manufacturing units
  • One room per manufacturing units
  • Stock management discussions
  • Raw materials purchases
  • Delivery locations
  • Returns discussions
  • Exchanges discussions
  • Deliveries discussions
  • Engineering staff
  • One room per production team
  • Room for repair/check of machines
  • Technical team
  • Quality team
  • Complaint team (customer support)