Legal & Law Firm Solutions with Team Zeus

Overall benefit: Communicate safely with your associates and from anywhere.


The employees of a large London law firm were finding it difficult to collaborate on various briefs, with communications being conducted via email alone. These legal associates were snowed under with emails and would spend hours sorting out their inboxes, which was very frustrating: important emails from clients were getting lost and they were often struggling to find critical files that were needed urgently. Legal projects would often take more time than expected because of a lack of transparency. If one of the associates was out visiting clients, he/she could not easily communicate with the rest of the office, forcing them to wait for his/her return to the office before they could be updated. Similarly, the associate would have to physically return to the office to obtain updates about other cases that were being worked on.

Their law firm looked at alternatives to email but found this tricky; many options did not comply with their security policies. Sensitive information about their clients and cases would be discussed via email and as such it was essential for them to find a solution that guaranteed security and stability. Enter Team Zeus!

Positive results

  1. Thanks to Team Zeus, associates could converse easily in real time and share documents with each other; there was no longer a need to CC an endless number of parties (reducing the danger of CCing colleagues that were no longer relevant to the brief at hand or indeed may have left the firm). The speed in which a case could be advanced was much improved, enhancing efficiency and allowing staff-members to focus on important tasks rather than trying to organise and prioritize emails.
  2. The inbox button on each thread (which also displays the thread's email address) enabled associates to include all members of the thread quickly when 'externalising' the communication and involving outside colleagues/clients.
  3. They felt safe in the knowledge that all of their information was not only secure, but also accessible from anywhere when outside the office (thanks to the native app).
  4. Thanks to the Team Zeus shared calendar, associates were also able to check the availability of colleagues before setting up meetings or visiting their offices.

Recommended rooms

  • Specific legal case: a case will generate lots of paperwork and associated discussions. Creating a room for a specific legal case will enable relevant parties to keep track of past conversations and archive important documents.
  • Specific legal team: a law firm generally includes different legal teams with different areas of expertise. Each legal team should have their own chat room.
  • Specific quote: in order to quote for a legal service, different elements needs to be taken into account that may require a discussion between different colleagues.
  • Specific legal report: different reports can be needed for a case. As such it would be helpful to designate a room specifically for such materials, so that important information is not diluted or missed amongst other — less-specific - conversations.
  • Due diligence: investigation is sometimes required in order to provide evidence for a case. The firm may use a third party or may simply employ an in-house investigator. A thread can be created to discuss elements that have been found.