Information Technology Solutions with Team Zeus

Overall benefit: Connecting dispersed teams to facilitate the successful completion of IT projects.


The growth of remote work in the IT sector has meant that the management of IT projects can be quite challenging, particularly when people who are based in different locations are involved. For one of our clients - a fast-growing IT company - checking progress on a specific project was causing numerous management issues, as the majority of their team were working from home and using email to communicate.

The company had to move with the pace of their business if they wished for it to perform better, and as such they decided to use Team Zeus to communicate internally.

Positive results

  1. With Team Zeus, colleagues can share documents with each other and access these from anywhere at any time.
  2. Easy to share links and screens to exchange ideas.
  3. Find a document in seconds by filtering conversations.
  4. Better organisation: internal & external messages are segregated and messages are automatically categorised for you for more transparency.
  5. Virtual teams can collaborate even if they are based in different locations.
  6. Thanks to our instant messaging interface, workflows are accelerated as colleagues can receive answers to questions in real time and can also leave each other feedback within a thread.
  7. Work easily from home or on the go via the native apps.
  8. Reduce the need to have meetings.
  9. Know with certainty if a colleague is free to talk by checking the automated user status — thus reducing delays.

Recommended rooms

  • Room for a particular IT project
  • Room for a particular task
  • Implementation of a new program (name the room after the program)
  • Progress reports
  • Room for expense sheets / budget
  • Urgent events