Education Solutions with Team Zeus

Overall benefit: Connecting students, teachers and university staff who are located in different campuses.


A university's workforce and students are often spread across different campuses. This exact scenario was causing collaboration issues for one of our clients, a reputable university. The university was using emails as a method of collaboration for their employees, whereas the students used to communicate with their classmates and teachers via a forum. Those methods were not effective: employees were getting overwhelmed by their inboxes and the forum did not allow for any flexibility, limiting the potential for students to interact with each other.

In response to new technologies and the growth of e-learning solutions, our client decided to choose a better option and signed up to Team Zeus.

Positive results

  1. With Team Zeus, universities can connect students with their workforce - even if they are located at different sites. The same applies to departments or other groups that are split across campuses.
  2. Team Zeus facilitates class discussions: students can easily share ideas and knowledge in a chat room and talk in real time.
  3. Increased levels of student participation.
  4. Thanks to the directory and the people filter within the instant messaging interface, users can put a name to a face: this will help when communicating with unfamiliar tutors or peers (or a person a user has not met in a face-to-face context).
  5. Students can collaborate with each other and their teachers - as well as exchanging files easily within a group - thanks to shared access to 'threads'.
  6. Stronger relationships can be developed between students, enabling a sense of camaraderie that otherwise may not have come about.
  7. The calendar can be used by teachers to book resources, allowing students to view which room number/campus has been allocated to each lesson.
  8. Students can collaborate with classmates from anywhere via their mobile.

Recommended rooms

  • Room for a specific research project X (Teachers liaising with students and research assistant)
  • Room for a specific course/tutor group (room/thread for students in the same course)
  • Room for a specific department of a university
  • Room to discuss exam dates X
  • Room to divulge and discuss coursework details (criteria, deadlines, etc.)