15+ reasons that using our business chat software is better than email

Instant Wins

The platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, with just a web browser and Internet connection.
Real-time messaging provides instant content delivery, and simple access protocols mean that staying in contact is easy - even with a slow internet connection.
All conversations are automatically categorised (by design), providing clear message content throughout and resulting in zero admin - clutter will be a thing of the past!
All communication is encrypted by default, providing a secure platform with no chance of snooping (and no spam!)
Regular communication channels are set up as predefined rooms - such as "Managers" or "Sales Department" - enabling your routine conversations to be carried out with ease; a feature that will save both time and attention.
Say goodbye to long email chains with multiple recipients. Team Zeus is a signature-free, secure world: a business chat platform that increases clarity and reduces noise at the same time.
Say hello to a platform that is modern and inspiring. Team Zeus has a light, fresh design that creates a social alternative to bland email clients - company communication channels needn't be boring.
Instant Wins

Special Features

User Status enables people to seek assistance from whoever is online and available (rather than sending an email to various people and just hoping for the best).
Noticeboards apply automatic priority to important information, ensuring that key messages are never missed.
Noticeboard templates generate automatically and expedite routine messages by prefilling recipients and content.
Read status on Noticeboards allows you to see who is up to date, and enforce compliance.
Advanced Search of everything by default - with handy filtering of threads, messages, files and links at the touch of a button. Putting all information in one place promotes a Self-Service mentality. This function encourages users to 'search' for an answer rather than bugging a colleague unnecessarily.
Conversation should be open by default, to ensure that everyone is 'on the same page' and kept updated - until a decision is made. There's no added complexity of cc'ing and bcc'ing here.
By the same token, inactive threads automatically close in the background, cleaning up behind you and allowing users to focus on what needs to be done.
Clear thread statuses (showing whether a topic is still "open" - i.e. being discussed - or "closed") keep everyone up to date and ensure that work is not unnecessarily duplicated. This function also indicates to the recipient whether a response is required or not (benefits that cannot be replicated via email).
Special Features

We could go on all day... ahem...

Every thread has an ID, allowing users to send someone a link to a specific conversation rather than wasting time on scenarios such as "trying to find that email from so-and-so about two months ago that was something to do with the meeting that we had but the subject line was blank".
Built-in Reporting allows for accountability - a company is only as quick as its slowest department.
The special Lounge room provides a specific place for the inevitable non-work related discussions that occur (such as birthdays, staff events, fundraisers) but clearly separate this from work related discussions so that staff are not interrupted if they are busy, and can catch up in their own time.
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With Team Zeus you can...

Prevent communications from accidentally being sent to the wrong person internally ("Dan" instead of "Danielle") or even externally, making it much safer to disseminate sensitive information to key members of personnel.
Highlight certain responses as decisions to provide clarity and create a clear audit trail for the future.
Easily navigate to the last few items you viewed using the back button in your browser, forming a neat history chain.
With Team Zeus you can
'Work smarter, not harder' is not effective when applied on an individual basis. Team Zeus provides a genuine solution for company change, with productivity built in

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