Discover how increased transparency can instantly improve communication in your company

A small selection of the many reasons

Open conversation means no repetition or static 'back and forth'

Ongoing conversation will allow views to be expressed and discussed instantly, leading to swifter resolutions.

User status means that you know you are targeting the right people at the right time.

Enhance the effectiveness of your communications by reaching out to those who are online and available.

Schedule meetings efficiently and effectively with shared calendars.

The scramble for a suitable date is over - simply use the online calendar to select a date and time that suits all.

Search function means that you can quickly recap on a previous topic.

Trying to remind yourself - or your colleagues - what conclusion has been reached within a lengthy email chain can be difficult. Our 'search' function allows you to reach the heart of the conversation quickly via a key phrase.

File tab allows you to access integral documents without combing through the entire thread.

Simply click on the tab within any thread and you'll be given instant access to all the attachments. No scrolling required!

Free yourself from unnecessary distractions with time-specific user statuses.

If you have to attend a meeting or merely require some uninterrupted time to focus on other work, set your status to Not Available - you can even specify the time period. There's also a 'Vacation' setting which removes the need for continuous (and sometimes irritating) 'Out of Office' replies.


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