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Team Zeus Development Roadmap – December 2016

2016 is already coming to an end and we are very much looking forward to next year and all that it may hold. A variety of new Team Zeus tools will be released that will guarantee a rise of productivity in your office in 2017, but for now, here is a list of the recent updates that we have made:

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Chat


Create a conversation: when users create a conversation, they have to enter recipients for the conversation. If they want to send it to the entire company (which is a rare occurrence), users have to tick the box “Send to all company members”. This will prevent a user from accidently sending a conversation to everyone on Team Zeus. The “Create Conversation” dialog box now also supports direct image pasting.
Later: when chat/conversation is automatically removed from the “Later” section (after responding to a message located in the “Later” section), the option: ‘Undo remove from later’ appears.
Shortcuts: improved keyboard shortcuts response.
Inbox: when a message only contains an attachment, the file name is displayed instead of an empty message
All conversations: the new section “All Conversations” in the left-hand menu was added to list all team conversations (discussions from groups and other conversations). It shows conversations from all groups (including “Other conversations”) by default, sorted by date of last message. It also allows three different methods of filtering: Active/Archived/Announcements. In further releases we plan to add a ‘Recently viewed’ filter to the “All conversations” section.

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Automated User Status

Automated User Status

“Not available status”: when your status is set as “Not Available”, desktop notifications are paused (you are notified about this once you’ve changed your status to “Not available”).

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - People Directory

People Directory

User profile photo: improved auto-scaling when a user changes his/her profile picture.

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Search

Search results: improvements in search results relevance, showing separate results for messages/users/conversations/events. “Date” was also added as a criteria.
Improved search autocomplete: icons, separation of search results into views.
Pagination: was added to search results page

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Calendar


Calendar: detection if there is already an event using a specific resource, when creating or editing an event. There will be a warning as well as a confirmation.
The workflow of this will be optimised in the future – this release contains for now basic detection and warning.
Event detail: click on a user’s full name shows the page with user detail.

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Advanced reporting: date range filtering was added to the report: ‘Messages by type’.

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Zapier


Zapier: 2-way sync support of Zapier is ready. Zapier API is in private beta and will be released to the public soon.

Team Zeus December 2016 Development Roadmap - Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile Skin:

— The “create conversation” dialog box was improved when the web version is browsed on mobile devices.

iOS App:

People list: ‘return date’ info was added (applies to people’s “Not Available” and “Vacation” user online status)
Design: improved message appearance in team conversations and private chats.
Messages: ‘add kudos’ were added.
Conversation: the “archive conversation” action was added.
“Create conversation” window was redesigned.
Progress bar: it was added on the file preview when a file is uploaded.
Event items: they now appear in the inbox, so users can confirm their attendance
“Mark as read”: explicit mark as read for announcements
History screen: info messages about archived conversation and announcement are added to the history screen
— Added empty & offline screens to chat and conversation history, conversation lists and inbox
To-do list filters: enabling to filter tasks that are completed.
Filters: nicer filtering by buttons in navigation bar (removed section control)

Android App:

New: indicator of announcements and archived conversations
New: user status and last activity in chats
New: calendar and people directory synchronisation optimisations
New: to-do list – show/hide completed tasks


— Onboarding screen for new users is available after signing up onto Team Zeus.

If you have any suggestions for features that you would like us to bring out in 2017, share your ideas with us now!

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