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New Support Site

New Support Site

At Team Zeus, we make every effort to ensure that our application is as user-friendly as possible, in order to provide our users with full support from the day they sign up.

As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of our new support site, following the changes that were made to the old version of Team Zeus. The new support site provides full information and instructions about how to use the range of features available in the new version of Team Zeus, in the forms of small guides.

The tutorials are divided into 10 sections, and describe the steps to follow so that you can accomplish certain actions on Team Zeus. They are also illustrated with images from the app, to help you find the different tools that are mentioned more easily. Here is the list of the different sections you will find on the support site, as well as an overview of what each one covers:


This section includes ten tutorials that show you how to properly set up your Team Zeus profile and configure your account. We also provide some instructions on integrating external apps onto Team Zeus.


The different guides from the ‘Inbox’ sections defines what the Team Zeus Inbox is and explain how to effectively manage it with the use of the “Later” and “Mark as Read” buttons.


The various tutorials that are featured in the ‘Group’ section provide explanations about managing groups, such as: their creation, removal, or how to apply the various privacy settings that are available.


The message section offers guidance on carrying out different actions when you communicate with your colleagues, such as: attaching a file, formatting a message, editing and deleting a message.


Conversations are group discussions about a specific topic. The ‘Conversations’ section reveals how to manage conversations on the Team Zeus instant messaging interface.


Within the ‘Chat’ section, find out how to use 1-1 chat to speak with one of your colleagues, including how to postpone a reply to a message and how to filter messages to find a file.


The tutorials from the ‘People’ section offer explanations about how to find a user, their contact details and check their availability.


The guides from the ‘Search’ section describe how to use the advanced search system to quickly find an item on Team Zeus.


The ‘Calendar’ section of the support site provides full guidance as to how to schedule and manage events on the Team Zeus Shared Calendar.


Finally, the ‘Admin’ section of our support site contains user guides for the different powers admin users possess on Team Zeus.

So, if you are new to the platform or want to find out how to perform a specific action on Team Zeus, why not take a look at our new support site to become a Team Zeus expert.

8 more top tips to get the most out of Team Zeus!

Become a Team Zeus expert in seconds!

Unlock the productivity benefits of Team Zeus in these short steps. Our second ‘top tips’ article focuses on Search, People, Shared Calendars and User Status.

Team Zeus top tips

1. Use the Search filter mechanism to find the information you need!)

With Team Zeus, there’s no need to scroll through a long list of messages to find a particular piece of information. Our instant messaging platform for business enables you to quickly search the entire platform – in one place. Simply type your entry in the search box and hit enter / return!

Then, our advanced search filters allow you to quickly narrow down the results until you find what you’re looking for:

Content type: Are you looking for a message or a thread?
Room: In which room is the conversation located?
People: Who wrote the message that you are looking for?
Starred: Did you star the message you are looking for?
From / To: What day of the week or during which period was the message sent?
Filter by its content: Does the message you are looking for contains a File, a Link, or was marked as a Decision?
Status of the thread the message is in: Is the message located in an open or closed thread?

Alternatively, for quick filtering, you can use the toggles: “Files” and “Links” that are available in every thread to efficiently find relevant content.


2. Message one person on Team Zeus

When you want to send someone a private (1-1) message, simply use the People Filter feature on the right hand panel of the messaging platform. If you have many people in your organisation, simply start to type the name of the person you want to message in the People filter, and then click on their profile when it appears.

3. Quickly find a colleague’s contact details & location

Use step 2 above to find the relevant person, and then simply hover over his/her name, and a brief snapshot of key contact details will be displayed. You can click on their name to view the full profile, too!

Shared Calendar

4. Find a time feature

We all know how frustrating it can be to find a meeting time that suits everyones’ availability! When you need to create an event for multiple people , simply add the relevant people to the event and then click on the Find a Time button – this feature will allow you to quickly view the availability of all people at the proposed time – and advise you of any diary clashes!

5. View the calendar for a whole team

To quickly view the availability for every person in a specific team, simply enter the name of the team in the search box: “Search Person, Team or Resource”, and select them. This will then display the events for all people within that team – in just one simple step.

6. View the calendar for a resource

To view the availability of a particular resource, simply enter its’ name in the search box: “Search Person, Team or Resource”, and select it. You can then see when the resource is available, or booked.

User Status

7. When you need to focus, change your user status to pause notifications!

If you need to concentrate on a particular task, we’d recommend that you adopt a single focus mindset to avoid being disturbed by your colleagues. Simply set your status as “Not Available” (N/A); and this will pause any Team Zeus notifications temporarily. To set your online status as “Not Available”, press the arrow next to your name in the right hand corner and select “N/A” as a status. You will need to enter a time to return, too. This will also display to your colleagues that you are busy – so you should expect to receive less communication, too (although we can’t guarantee this!) When you’re done, simply change your status back to online! If you forget, Team Zeus will even alert you when the N/A time period has expired.

8. Check user status before contacting person

To avoid sending your colleagues a shot in the dark, check their online status on Team Zeus before making contact. Increased transparency is beneficial to teamwork, no-one likes to be interrupted when they are busy!

If there is any question you may have regarding our application, we would advise you to check our help & support site, and if you don’t get the answer you were looking for, you can message our team using the live support button on our site; enabling you to have a conversation in real time with one member of our customer support team.

10 Top Tips for using Team Zeus!

Become a Team Zeus whizz in a matter of minutes!

Want to get the most out of Team Zeus? Have you seen your colleague perform a cool action on our platform but you’re not sure how to do it?

Have a look at the small tips below to help unlock Team Zeus’s full potential:

Team Zeus top tips


1. Edit the last message you sent in a thread:

We’ve all done it. In a hurried typing frenzy – or where we’ve succumbed to our enthusiam – we’ve hit ‘send’ and then stared at the glaring error! No fear, Team Zeus let’s you edit the last message you have sent in a thread…

Simply press the ‘up arrow’ key on your keyboard and – and your message will re-appear in the message input box. Simply edit accordingly, and press send. The message will be updated, and a handy little pencil icon will show on the right hand side to show that this comment was edited. Misspellings and incorrect punctuation will never see the light of day – and effective team communication is restored!

2. Delete a document that you’ve just posted:

If you’ve attached the wrong file to your message – don’t worry – simply hover over the paper clip symbol and then press the cross “x” that is next to the file name. If you have already sent your message, then carry out step 1 first – and then remove the file accordingly.

Deleting documents in Team Zeus

3. Use a # to link to a thread – or search for an id:

Every conversation in Team Zeus is a thread. Every thread has an ID. Therefore, you can quickly link someone to a specific conversation, simply by typing a hashtag (#) and then the thread ID, for example #3012. No longer do you have to guide someone to try and find ‘that conversation a few weeks ago with Dave and Rachel about that sales discussion that had an irrelevant email subject’. Guide someone to the correct thread in seconds!

4. Formatting a message:

Team Zeus has an emphasis on concise, short hand communication. However, when you do need to write a slightly longer message, then formatting is available.

a) To insert a new line, press the SHIFT + ENTER keys of your keyboard. This allows you to break up text into paragraphs, for example.

b) To create a bullet point list, simply put a * before each line of text:

* text
* text
* text

c) To emphasize words in a message, use the following codes:

*italic* (with one asterisk surrounding a word)
**bold** (with two asterisks surrounding a word) OR __bold__ (with two underscores surrounding a word)

5. Use toggles to filter a conversation:

Team Zeus enables users to quickly filter messages by their content (links or files), via three different toggles on the thread toolbar: Everything – Files – Links . Quickly find that link or attachment, without having to scroll through the entire thread. Team Zeus organises everything for you – and even tells you the number of files / links within the thread, too!

6. Use the ‘send & close’ button to save time:

Are you responding to a thread, and want to close the thread straight after? When you have typed your message, simply click on the down arrow adjacent to the ‘Send’ button, and click to send the message and either close the thread or mark it as a decision and close.

7. Send notifications from external services into Team Zeus:

Instantly notify whoever is online and prevent double work by sending email notifications from external channels to a specific Team Zeus room. Social media notifications from Facebook / Twitter – customer payment request notifications – negative review notifications – in fact anything that is important to your business can be sent to a specific Team Zeus room using our email ingestion feature. Simply add the sender domain to the whitelist by going to Admin -> Whitelist, and then click on the room or thread email icon to copy the relevant email address.

8. Star a message to return to it later!

If a longer response to a message is required, and it’s going to take over two minutes of your time – in order to build a single focus mindset we recommend that you defer the reply. Simply click on the star icon, and then when you have processed all of your notifications you can come back to any further work by clicking on the ‘starred’ section of the left hand menu.

9. See who has read your Noticeboard:

Noticeboards should be used to send important information – and at a later date it can be useful to view who (and when) someone has read it. Simply navigate to a previous Noticeboard, and hover over the green tick in the people filter on the right hand side to view this information.

10. Paste an image directly from your clipboard to upload:

We call it direct image pasting. You no longer have to save an image, and then upload it, to Team Zeus. Simply copy an image to your clipboard (or use the snipping tool in Windows), and then paste the image into the message input. It will be saved and uploaded automatically!

Also – if you haven’t already downloaded our native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry, we’d certainly recommend doing this soon – and you can then keep in touch wherever you are, on any device.

That’s all for now. But, our team are constantly updating the platform so sign up to our newsletter or keep checking our blog for the latest roadmap of updates!

Do you have a suggestion for a top tip? Then get in contact with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn and your idea could appear here in no time!

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