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Team Zeus Templates

“Save time using a Team Zeus template to communicate routine information to your colleagues”

Team Zeus Templates

Internal communication represents an integral part of a company’s culture, as employees should be kept in the loop and know what is happening in the organisation, in order to relay information efficiently. Effective teamwork depends on successful team communication, particularly as some companies may have their own technical terms and processes that have to be understood by everyone in the workplace.

There is, however, plenty of routine information that will be regularly exchanged, and having to write the same message from scratch over and over again would hinder the productivity of your staff. Fortunately, Team Zeus has the facility for users to create templates for announcements and conversations, in order to save time and ensure the consistency of your internal communication.

Keep reading to find out how to use the template feature:

How to create a template

Creating a template on Team Zeus is very simple. Just click on the “Template” button in the left-hand menu to access the template interface.

A Team Zeus template should be used for any communications that are sent on a regular basis, and would otherwise be repetitive and time-consuming to create. To create a new template, click on the floating + button on the bottom right of the app, and the “Create a template” window will be displayed on your screen. To successfully design your template, fill in the three different fields by answering to the following questions:

Who are the receivers?

First, select the recipients of your message – it can be an individual, single or multiple groups. We recommend you be selective and only include the people that should be made aware of the information you are sharing. The good thing is that once you’ve added recipients for the template, you won’t have to do it again when you use the template to create a new conversation / announcement.

Please note that even though your message will only be sent to the persons or groups of people that you have selected, everyone on Team Zeus will have access to the template that you are creating, as the concept of our platform is to favour teamwork.

What’s your message about?

Next, enter a subject line employing keywords that best reflects the nature of your message and gives recipients a clear idea of what the message contains. The subject line should be concise, so get straight to the point in order for the recipients to understand the subject at a glance.

What are the key elements that should be included?

Next, you should think about the exact purpose of your message and the key elements that your message will have to cover. Is your message informative or designed for employees to take actions?

The beauty of a template is that you will only have to write your message once. Therefore, you can dedicate time laying out and structuring your message, to make your text as easy to read as possible – with the use of paragraphs and formatting tools. Team Zeus templates offer a number of solutions to format your text, including: headers, tables, bullet points, bold and italic styles.

Remember to always proofread your template to ensure that it’s understandable and doesn’t contain any errors. You can review your work using the preview button remove_red_eye to see how it will look before using the template.

How to use an existing template

All templates that are created are featured in the list of templates and are made public by default. Templates are categorised based on whether they are used for conversations with the bubble symbol forum, or for announcements with the megaphone icon volume_up.

To use an existing template to send a message to your work colleagues, create a conversation and click on the down-arrow next to: “From template”. Then, select the template of your choice in the list.

Alternatively, click on the template you want to use directly off the template listing and click the “Create conversation” button.

From time to time you may want to edit a template, to ensure that information such as prices or dates can be kept up-to-date. You can modify the text by clicking on the template that requires changes, or after selecting a template when you create a new conversation. Updates that are done to a template are recorded in the “System Messages” listing, allowing you to view when and by whom modifications were made.

Examples of when to create a template

There are a number of situations in which templates will come in handy for your workforce. Here are a few examples of when this feature will prove to be truly useful:

Monthly sales report: sales teams produce monthly sales reports and share them with the purchasing department, so they can buy more stock of the popular items. Thanks to a “monthly sales report template”, someone from the sales team would only have to update the monthly sales report template and attach the new report to their message.

Out of stock list: the purchasing team, sales office, marketing team, logistics department and others will need to be made aware of the items which are no longer in stock on a regular basis. The accompanying message would most likely be the same every time (Please find attached the stock list…) and consequently, would justify the use of a template.

Message to share the minutes of a team meeting: some people may be absent during a team meeting, so to keep a record of the decisions that were taken, minutes will be recorded and shared with the staff on Team Zeus. The person who wrote the minutes can create a template, as once again the message will be similar every time (“Here is the minutes of the last meeting…”), and should require the usage of a template.

The use of ready-made templates on Team Zeus will streamline your company’s internal communication, giving your staff access to templates that are consistent throughout. Templates on Team Zeus provide a time-saving solution that increases users’ productivity. So there’s no need to start over from the beginning – be smart, utilise a template!

If you haven’t yet got a Team Zeus account to test this ingenious feature, don’t wait any longer, sign-up now!

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