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Get ready for a new version of Team Zeus!

We are very excited to announce that a new version of Team Zeus is currently in development and will be released in September. Following extensive customer feedback, we concentrated our efforts on making Team Zeus a lot faster and even more user friendly, so as to further improve customers’ experience. Among our hottest updates and highlights of 2016 are the new Team Zeus application design, and the new mobile version that incorporates all the features that can be found in the desktop version.

Here is a little taster of what to expect in the new version of Team Zeus:

Centralised inbox experience

In 2016, we will provide all users with a personalised Inbox to centralise the streams from all application modules (currently conversations, calendar and tasks). Users can easily navigate between the latest updates, filter them and respond to calendar invitations or to-do reminders. The Inbox is the central place where users’ workday starts.


We are moving from the “fixed rooms” model towards groups, so there are no “noticeboard”, “flexi-thread”, or “invited” sections. A group is a set of people who shares the same conversations. Groups have conversations with archiving and auto-archiving workflows. Not all conversations have to take place in a group (but it would be better), they would in this case appear in the ‘Other Conversations’ menu.


If required, each group can have a board that contains frequently discussed information, or the latest news from a group. Existing messages can be pinned and are shown on the board, so people can share common knowledge easily.

Mentions & Kudos

Team Zeus will support mentions when using @username to mention somebody in a message to call their attention.

For short and quick replies to messages, users will also be able to use Kudos. Kudos will include for example: +1, Ok, Agree, Disagree, and Thanks.


In our 2015 version, templates were only usable for Noticeboards. In the new update, templates will be unified for all types of conversations. When creating a new conversation, a template can be saved directly from the new conversation dialog box.


When creating a new conversation, it will automatically be saved as a draft during editing and can be finished later.


The web version will work on mobile browsers without a separate ‘mobile version’. The Android and iOS apps are also being revamped and will match the feature set of the desktop app.

We have plenty more updates to share with you soon, ready for the launch of our revised platform in September. Keep an eye on our blog to be one of the first to find out when the new version of Team Zeus is live!

Team Zeus Development Roadmap – March 2016

At Team Zeus, we regularly update our application – with the aim of further increasing the productivity benefits. Here is a list of the recent updates that were made to Team Zeus:


Team Zeus chat

Features updates:

Forgotten Attachment Detection: when you write for example: “psa” (ie. please see attached) and you don’t attach a file and save your message, then you are warned that you haven’t attached any file, during the creation of a thread (Flexi, or thread in a room).

The Forgotten Attachment Detection system now checks the thread name for keywords, not just the content.

The list of keywords for the Forgotten Attachment Detection system has been expanded.

Hide room: admins can now hide a room in the room list, which will remove all members from the room, so that room won’t be displayed in the left hand menu panel, but the data in the given room is still searchable.

Team Zeus to-do list

Personal to-do list:

You can now add a due date to any task, as well as additional notes. Simply click on the right arrow that is displayed next to each task listed.


Team Zeus multi-platform apps

iOS release:

– Added contact information detail for all users, as per the employee directory. This will ease the finding of a contact on Team Zeus iOS, and initiating a phone call/an open chat/send an email, etc.

– All screens with listing of threads now have search, so conversations can easily be filtered by thread name.

– Added search to the 1-1 thread list, so it is now possible to filter 1-1 threads by name.

– You can now reply to push notifications e.g. from the locked screen, just slide the notification to the left and click on “reply”. Also works on Apple watch.

– Automatic import of the Team Zeus calendar events to iOS calendar (note that it is only one way, the iOS calendar is not imported to the Team Zeus calendar), and across all your iOS devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) through iCloud.

Android release:

New features:

– The personal to-do list is now available

– Users can now change their status directly from the app.


New explainer video: a new explainer video highlighting all the key features of the Team Zeus app was produced and is now displayed on Vimeo.

New tour videos: a new tour video was published on our website that gives key information about the find a time feature on our calendar.

Book a demo

Visitors on our website have now the possibility to book a demonstration. When people attend one of our demonstration session, they will be given a tour around the Team Zeus platform, thanks to the use of a screen sharing application. During the demo, our business development team will also show the participants how to use the different features of Team Zeus, so they are familiar with the platform when they create their account and start using our app.

We value our customers’ opinion, so if you have an idea of a feature you would like us to bring out next, please with us now.

Team Zeus Development Roadmap – February 2016

At Team Zeus we make regular improvements to our team communication platform, to help boost the productivity of your company even more. Here is a list of the most recent updates that we’ve made to the Team Zeus application:

Personal To-do List

Team Zeus to-do list

New Features:

– A menu called: “actions menu” was added to the to-do list feature, which enables people to move task ‘up or down’ in the list. Alternatively, you can use the shortcuts: CTRL+up/down arrow to achieve the same result.

– You can now merge 2 tasks into one by pressing ENTER on your keyboard, while your cursor is in the middle of a task.

– You can create a new task by clicking on the white space under the last task.

– Minor bugfixes


Team Zeus multi-platform apps


– Stability improvements were made.

– When you click on any users’ profile picture, it now opens a 1-1 chat with the given user


– Fixed issues regarding BlackBerry push notifications

Support Site

We released a new version of our support site, with the aim to make it easier for any user to find an answer to their questions in one single place. Our new help centre provides full details about how to use all of the features on Team Zeus, and how to complete certain operations.

Tour Videos

We now have updated tour videos, which provide an overview of the different features of our business communication platform Viewers are given a full tour around the application, revealing some of the secrets that Team Zeus holds!

Big news – a new version of Team Zeus is coming soon!

It’s with great pleasure & excitement that we can announce that a new version of the Team Zeus app is currently in development, with an initial release date of Spring / Summer 2016.

Following extensive user feedback that we have received from various industries, we are making some key changes that will provide the following benefits:

Streamlined interface: we will simplify the general appearance of Team Zeus, to increase user-friendliness even further. You will be able to scan conversations and find information with less effort, consequently increasing your productivity.

Faster communication: communicate quicker with your colleagues in various ways.

Please be patient for a few weeks – and check out our blog for more news hot-off-the-press!

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for a new feature that you would like to share with us, contact us now!

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