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Roadmap August 2017

At Team Zeus, we make regular updates to our application to improve users’ efficiency. This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to a new feature – the ‘Follow Group’ button – which you can find out more about below:


Follow group icon, Team Zeus

If you are a member of a group, you can choose to ‘Follow’ it. Following a group affects the Inbox notification settings – new messages sent to a group are not added to your inbox, and you won’t receive any desktop notifications. Instead, you can choose to browse a group and read new messages at any time.

Every morning (at 8am by default), Team Zeus will send you a ‘Digest’ message, which includes details of all the groups you follow, the number of new conversations and new messages from the last 24 hours.

However, if you follow a group and receive a group message in which you are mentioned, you will also receive a new message in your inbox as ‘mentions’ override the ‘Follow’ settings.

If you prefer, you can choose to ‘Unfollow’ a group in the group settings or group directory to switch back to the standard notification mode.

Other users see who is following the group in the ‘Recipients’ list (follower icon).

This feature is handy for high-traffic groups (especially with automated workflows for new conversations) which you want to be a member of, but you don’t have to review every single new conversation or message.

If you have any suggestions to make regarding a new feature you would like us to offer as part of our application, please contact us now.

Roadmap July 2017

Team Zeus Roadmap Instant Messaging


  • Increased performance: faster opening of conversation and chats.
  • The name of the person who archived a conversation will be displayed below the message sender area, with the time and date it was archived.
Team Zeus Roadmap Calendar


  • Calendar invitations: support for adding all people from a group to a calendar event. When a group is selected, it will separately add all users to the event and single invitations will be sent automatically to every member of a group.
Team Zeus Roadmap Search

  • Drum roll: when you click on a message in the search results, it will take you directly to the place in the conversation/chat where the message is located and it will highlight the message. This is a ‘read-only’ contextual view, if you want to go to the conversation/chat and send new messages from this view, click to ‘go to conversation’ or ‘go to chat’ from the upper-right corner, it will open in standard view with latest messages and the name of the message sender.

We value our customers’ feedback, so if you have an idea about a feature you would like us to incorporate, please share it with us.

Team Zeus Development Roadmap – June 2017

We regularly update Team Zeus in order to improve user experience and enhance the productivity of our customers. In this latest update to our roadmap, we have listed some of the exciting improvements we recently made to our team communication app:

Team Zeus Roadmap Chat


  • Mentioning someone in a conversation will now automatically add that person to the conversation. It even works when mentioning multiple people in one message.
Team Zeus Roadmap Chat


  • We have changed the ‘Recipients’ button so that to show members of the current conversation, you now have to click on the button, where previously you just had to hover over ‘Recipients’ to see the list of members.
Team Zeus Roadmap Search

  • New Search Backend.
  • Search results for users, messages, conversations are always ordered by date of creation, in reverse chronological order.
  • New ordering of search results for calendar events, done by starting date, score/match.
  • Improved search of special characters.
  • Fixed search when making a search query, using this model: ‘#CONVERSATIONNUMBER’.
  • Added basic support for “AND / NOT” Boolean operators in search queries. Thus, you can now make the following search queries:
    • "Search Term 1" AND "Search Term 2" – search for data containing both “Search Term 1″ and “Search Term 2″.
    • "Search Term 1" NOT "Search Term 2" – search for “Search Term 1″, excluding “Search Term 2″ in the results.


Tasks are automatically ordered by ‘Due Date’ and then by alphabetical order on the Team Zeus personal to-do list.


  • The calendar is now viewable on the iOS app, enabling users to view events and import them from Team Zeus to the iOS native app. However, users cannot yet create, edit, or delete events through the app.
  • We have made changes to improve the synchronisation of events from your calendar to the Team Zeus iOS app. If you encounter any issues with calendar sync, please try to delete your device from ‘My Devices’ section on the desktop app, then add it again.

We value our customers’ feedback. So, if you have any ideas for a new feature that you would like us to bring out, please contact us.

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