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New Onboarding Experience

“Find your way around the platform in a few steps!”

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Using a new application for the first time can often be quite daunting, as it may take some time to become familiar with the design and the myriad of features available. In certain cases, some users may only use a small amount of the functionalities available, because they aren’t aware of the application’s full feature set.

At Team Zeus, we want our customers to know about the wealth of features that our application offers the first time they sign in to Team Zeus. As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of our new onboarding process, which uncovers all the secrets behind the Team Zeus app. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect when you get onboard with Team Zeus.

What steps should new users follow during their intro?

1. Log into Team Zeus

After creating your account on the Team Zeus website, you will be redirected automatically to the home page of the application, where the ‘Intro’ window will be featured. This window contains a list of steps to follow to help you to quickly familiarise yourself with the different tools and their location. Once you have completed a step, it will be ticked off your list automatically.

The home page of Team Zeus is called the ‘Inbox’, and is where all new messages are listed. When you first join Team Zeus, your Inbox will contain a number of messages from us.

2. Read a conversation

To complete the next step of the Intro, click on the first message labelled “[TZ Intro] Welcome to Team Zeus”, which is listed in your Inbox in the Intro group, of which you are the only member. This message briefly introduces the glossary of terms which are featured on the platform, and contains several smart hyperlinks. By hovering over hyperlinks, pop-up windows will appear on screen that show the location of the said-features on the application, as well as a definition that will give you a clear understanding of their use.

3. Send a message

In order to comprehend how our instant messaging interface works, Team Zeus will ask you to send a reply to Team Zeus as part of the “[TZ Intro] Welcome to Team Zeus discussion”. You can answer in any way you want as the conversation is private.

4. Like a message

Team Zeus’s users can ‘like’ a message on Team Zeus to show their appreciation of a comment made by their counterpart, or to show their approval to a colleague’s suggestion, without having to write anything. Like the welcome message you received from Team Zeus and move on to the next step.

5. Mark a conversation as Later

If you can’t answer a message straight away and you have to delay your response, you can press the “Later” button at the top of any conversations. Mark the “[TZ Intro] Welcome to Team Zeus discussion” as “Later” to postpone your answer. The conversation will be placed in the “Later” section of your Inbox, so you can reply to it later.

6. Remove item from Later

When a message no longer requires a reply, you can remove it from your “Later” items. Team Zeus will ask you to test this feature and remove the “[TZ Intro] Welcome to Team Zeus” conversation by pressing: “Added to Later”.

7. Create a conversation

After having completed the first six steps, new users should now have a good understanding of how to participate in a conversation. Nevertheless, to appreciate the full potential of the instant messaging interface, you will be prompted to create a conversation by clicking on the floating button at the bottom. Select the “Intro” group from the list as a recipient, add as a subject, and for the content simply enter: “test”.

8. Create an announcement

Important messages that requires employees’ full attention can be marked as announcements. So, when you create the “Test” conversation, tick the box: “Announcement” to make it an announcement, as opposed to a standard conversation. Recipients will have to mark it as read to ensure that they’ve read it.

9. Archive a conversation

If a discussion is over, it can be archived. As the “Test” conversation doesn’t need any responses, you can archive it by hovering over “Conversation settings” and selecting “Archive”.

10. Create a calendar event

One of the smartest feature of the Team Zeus application is the Calendar. So, to experiment its use, the final step of your introduction to Team Zeus, will be to go to the Calendar and create an event; selecting the day & time of your event, adding guests and booking a resource.

Trial the application within the Intro group

Now that you have completed all the steps of the Intro, don’t forget to complete your profile! You can further explore the platform by trying out other small features within the Intro group, which is your private Team Zeus playground.

Accomplish operations such as adding an attachment or an emoticon to your message, deleting or editing a message, or simply re-do the actions that you completed during the Intro so that you are more accustomed to their use.

What to do if you are the creator of the company’s Team Zeus platform?

If you are the creator of your company’s Team Zeus platform, you will need to complete other operations, so people don’t start with a blank page when they join.

First, you should create a few groups that correspond to the company’s different departments, or to the teams of people who often collaborate together and share workflows.

Next, we recommend you list the different locations your company can have, by adding new ‘locations’ in the admin panel. As a result, when new users fill in their profile, they can select the location of their office from the list you created.

As newcomers will get to try out the calendar when they follow the Intro, you should start by setting up the default resources that are available in your company, allowing users to book the resource they need when they create their event.

Finally, you should invite more admins so that they can help you to configure the company’s account.

Our new onboarding process provides a good introduction to new users, so they are not left alone when discovering Team Zeus, and are guided all the way through. Sign-up now and get on board the Team Zeus application with ease!

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