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New Team Zeus Native Apps

“Stay connected with your work colleagues wherever you are using the Team Zeus native apps.”

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With the recent release of the new version of Team Zeus we also announced an update to our native apps for Android and iOS devices. We want customers to benefit from the same experience that the new desktop version provides when using their mobile/tablet, allowing them to easily communicate with their co-workers after they leave the office – from anywhere and at any time.

Both apps match the new design of the platform and offer improved speed and stability compared to the previous mobile versions. If you haven’t yet updated to the latest version of our app, you will need to authorise your device on the platform by clicking “My Devices” in the right-hand drop down menu under your profile. You will then have to press the “Request Code” button to link Team Zeus to your phone, and a number will be displayed next to the button to enter when you login on the app via your phone or tablet.

Here is an overview of what to expect in the new versions of the Team Zeus Android and iOS apps:

Team Zeus App for Android Devices

Android app screenshot #1


Like on the desktop version, the main focus is the Inbox that centralises all the notifications from all the different tools (chat – calendar – to-do list). For the purpose of simplicity, elements in your Inbox are automatically categorised under the three following buttons: NewLaterRecently Viewed.

Android app screenshot #2 Android app screenshot #3

To take part in a conversation in one of the group you a member of, or in a team conversation in which you were added, just press the following button on your screen: . This will display your groups list, as well as the “Other conversations” button to gain access to non-group related conversations. Please note that you can also mark messages as read or add them to the “Later” section of your Inbox via the app.

Users can also easily upload and share files with their colleagues from their phones. A progress bar will be displayed when you attached a file, so that you can keep an eye on the progression of the upload and see when your file is uploaded and ready to be sent.

Android app screenshot #4 Android app screenshot #5

But one of the greatest advantages of the mobile app is the private chat tool, accessible via the button, which makes it quick and simple to chat with one of your colleagues. You can select a colleague from the list of people, or just type their name into the search bar, and click on their profile. Their online status is displayed, along with their last activity to avoid sending them a message if they are unavailable.


One of the highlights of the new Android app, and something that we know many users were very much looking forward to, is that users have now access to the Team Zeus calendar on their phone/tablet. As a result, users can schedule events with their colleagues directly on their mobile device. To use this functionality, users will first have to sync their Team Zeus calendar with the calendar on their phone.

The calendar tool is featured in the left-hand menu, under the list of groups and conversations.

To-do list

Another great addition is that the Team Zeus to-do list is now also included on the Team Zeus app, which enables you to keep an eye on the work you have planned and to list any new tasks that may need completing.

The to-do list button is located in the left-hand menu under the Calendar button. To add a task, go to your list and simply click on the floating button at the bottom of your screen.

You can view completed tasks when clicking “Completed tasks” after pressing the arrow at the top.

Download the Team Zeus app now from Google Play – don’t forget to rate it if you like the latest improvements!

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Team Zeus App for iOS Devices

Android app screenshot #1


If you have an iPhone or an iPad, the Team Zeus iOS app is a smart and straightforward solution to access Team Zeus on your mobile or tablet.

The home page of the Team Zeus iOS app features a menu that provides quick access to the different sections that are accessible via the app, including:

Android app screenshot #2 Android app screenshot #3


Similarly to the desktop version, the focal point of the iOS app is the Inbox, which contains the streams from the different parts of Team Zeus. In this version, the Inbox is simplified and is split into three different categories: NewLaterRecent.

The app also enables you to mark items that are listed in the “New” section of your Inbox as read, or add them to the “Later” section if you want to respond to it at a later time.


Click this button to display your groups and take part in a conversation in a group you are a member of via your phone or tablet.

Android app screenshot #4

messageOther Conversations

Press “Other conversations” to display the team conversations you’ve joined and communicate with ease with people from different groups via your iOS device.


Just like on the Android app, it is very easy to have a private chat via your iOS device with one of your teammates. Simply click “people” and click on the person in the list you wish to contact or type the name of your colleague and check their online status before you get in touch with them.

listTo-do list

As opposed to the old version of the application, users are now able to manage their personal to-do list easily via the iOS app.

Download the Team Zeus app now from iTunes and let us know what you think

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App Store

Alternatively, if you do not want to download our app, you can still access the mobile version on your phone or tablet. Download our app and connect to the world of Team Zeus when you are on the go using your mobile device.

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