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New Support Site

New Support Site

At Team Zeus, we make every effort to ensure that our application is as user-friendly as possible, in order to provide our users with full support from the day they sign up.

As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of our new support site, following the changes that were made to the old version of Team Zeus. The new support site provides full information and instructions about how to use the range of features available in the new version of Team Zeus, in the forms of small guides.

The tutorials are divided into 10 sections, and describe the steps to follow so that you can accomplish certain actions on Team Zeus. They are also illustrated with images from the app, to help you find the different tools that are mentioned more easily. Here is the list of the different sections you will find on the support site, as well as an overview of what each one covers:


This section includes ten tutorials that show you how to properly set up your Team Zeus profile and configure your account. We also provide some instructions on integrating external apps onto Team Zeus.


The different guides from the ‘Inbox’ sections defines what the Team Zeus Inbox is and explain how to effectively manage it with the use of the “Later” and “Mark as Read” buttons.


The various tutorials that are featured in the ‘Group’ section provide explanations about managing groups, such as: their creation, removal, or how to apply the various privacy settings that are available.


The message section offers guidance on carrying out different actions when you communicate with your colleagues, such as: attaching a file, formatting a message, editing and deleting a message.


Conversations are group discussions about a specific topic. The ‘Conversations’ section reveals how to manage conversations on the Team Zeus instant messaging interface.


Within the ‘Chat’ section, find out how to use 1-1 chat to speak with one of your colleagues, including how to postpone a reply to a message and how to filter messages to find a file.


The tutorials from the ‘People’ section offer explanations about how to find a user, their contact details and check their availability.


The guides from the ‘Search’ section describe how to use the advanced search system to quickly find an item on Team Zeus.


The ‘Calendar’ section of the support site provides full guidance as to how to schedule and manage events on the Team Zeus Shared Calendar.


Finally, the ‘Admin’ section of our support site contains user guides for the different powers admin users possess on Team Zeus.

So, if you are new to the platform or want to find out how to perform a specific action on Team Zeus, why not take a look at our new support site to become a Team Zeus expert.

Support with Team Zeus

Team Zeus is a user-friendly platform packed full of ingenious tools to help users communicate and collaborate effectively within your team. Whilst we have taken great strides to ensure Team Zeus is as user-friendly as possible, when you first sign up, it’s likely you won’t immediately be able to unfold all the time-saving secrets that the platform features.

At Team Zeus, we provide as much information as possible to our end users, in order to facilitate easy use of our application. We understand that with any software, certain people may take more time than others to familiarise themselves with the array of different functionalities that the platform offers. Consequently, we’ve put various tools at the disposal of our users, so they can easily find answers or solutions to any questions or issues they may have.

Team Zeus guarantees effective communication in your organisation

Here is an exhaustive list of where to find appropriate support, when you have a question about Team Zeus:

Support Site

Team Zeus has a dedicated support website that provides full information about every single feature of the application. The Team Zeus support site is split into 7 categories:

Messaging guide: includes a breakdown of all the different sections accessible on the instant messaging interface, and explains how to use them.

People guide: contains details about how to use the directory.

Calendar guide: gives helpful tips to help create and manage events on the Team Zeus shared calendar.

To-do list guide: includes descriptions of all the tools available on the Team Zeus personal to-do list.

Admin guide: describes what powers are granted to an admin user on Team Zeus.

Mobile applications guide: offers details and recommendations about the Team Zeus mobile applications.

Billing Q&A: provides explanations about how customers are being billed on Team Zeus.

Each guide offers a number of tutorials that describes in detail the different steps that users need to follow in order to use the various elements of Team Zeus. Some are also illustrated, so you can easily find out where certain features are located.

If you find any of our tutorials particularly useful and want to share them with friends or colleagues, it’s really easy to do so. Simply click the envelope icon, or click on the paper clip icon to copy and paste the link into a conversation on Team Zeus.

Explanatory Tour Videos

If you haven’t got the time to read through our support documents, or would much rather see the software in action, you will be pleased to know that we have produced several tour videos that are available both on our website, and on Vimeo. Each video shows how certain features work, and are handy for those who haven’t yet signed up on Team Zeus, but want to view what the platform looks like when in use.

Feature-Orientated Blog Articles

In addition to our support pages, we regularly publish articles on our blog about many of our different features. These articles give a wealth of information about the different tools that are available on the application. The blogs examine different features in great depth, listing all of their benefits and how to make them work for your team. Our aim is to give you all the guidance required to use Team Zeus to its full potential, without missing out on time-saving features.

Occasionally, we also share tips on our blog to help you collaborate effectively with your team using the platform.

Live Support

If you are looking for additional information that you can’t find on our support service, you can also contact us directly. The Team Zeus website offers a live support service, which lets you speak to a member of our staff in real time, for instant help.

Our customer support team is comprised of IT experts who are able to answer any questions you may have about the platform, and give you appropriate guidance if you encounter a problem.

Online Demonstration

If you don’t feel prepared to jump straight into Team Zeus on your own, we are also happy to give you a demonstration.

We offer online demonstrations via the use of a modern screen sharing application. A member of our customer support team will give you a full tour, to help ensure that you are fully proficient in using Team Zeus immediately after signing up.

Simply book your online demo on our website, and our team can give you guidance on any of the features.

Email Support

Alternatively – if you would prefer to – you can email our team at We are able to offer support in seven different languages, so if you don’t speak English fluently, our team can assist you in French, Spanish, German, Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian.

At Team Zeus, we don’t rely on bots to provide unhelpful assistance to our customers, as we understand the frustration that this kind of system can generate. The availability of our knowledgeable team gives our users the peace of mind that if something goes wrong at their end, we are on hand to help them straight away. Team Zeus guarantees effective communication in your organisation!

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