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Email integration for one single workflow

Share emails with your team on Team Zeus – an all-in-one communication solution!

Team Zeus was built to facilitate team communication and collaboration, providing an alternative to generic emails, which are commonly known for hindering teamwork. Thus, when an email is of interest not only to you but to the rest of your team, you would normally create a list of your colleague’s email addresses and forward the message to the entire list. However, adding the right people to this list and keeping it up-to-date can be a challenging task, as people may join or leave the company, meaning that you have to update it regularly.

On the other hand, when colleagues send separate replies to the discussion, it is quite easy to lose track of the progress made by the team, and it becomes difficult to identify the different measures that were taken.

Nevertheless, whilst Team Zeus can fully replace email for internal use, our objective wasn’t to completely banish email, as we recognise that it is still an effective solution for communicating with people outside the company. We believe the use of Team Zeus for team communication, and of email for external communication is a winning combination.

What if you could integrate emails into Team Zeus? This is now possible, in just a few simple steps:

Share emails with your team on Team Zeus

How to integrate emails into Team Zeus

Team Zeus is built with productivity in mind, and we wanted to prevent the need for using email to communicate with your team. Instead you can instantly share all the content of an email with all your teammates on Team Zeus.

1. Authorise an external email address or a domain name to post content on Team Zeus

Because the security of your data is paramount to us, only Team Zeus admins can authorise the export of data from a domain name or an external email (that isn’t linked to a user’s account on our application) – by adding the external email address or domain name to your company’s whitelist.

What is a whitelist? The Team Zeus whitelist is an index of approved email addresses and domain names from which administrators can import content. To add an item to the whitelist, go to the admin panel and click on “Whitelist”. Next, click on the floating action button at the bottom, type the email address or domain name in the text area, and press the green + button. Please note that you shouldn’t insert domain names such as: –, because anyone with this domain in their email address could then post on Team Zeus.

Once you have added an item to the whitelist, you will be able to transfer information from this source directly onto Team Zeus.

Note that Team Zeus automatically allows content that is sent from a user’s email address to a group/conversation they are a member of; when the email address is the one they use to log into the platform – without the need to include the said email address in the whitelist. Consequently, you can skip this step if you want to forward an email to Team Zeus from your inbox, when you use the same email address to log into the application.

2. Forward an email to a Team Zeus group or conversation

You can now consider your current list of colleagues’ email addresses as obsolete, and instead forward an email to your team directly via Team Zeus.

On Team Zeus, every group and conversation possesses its own email address, which is featured in their settings in the top right-hand corner, under “About this group/conversation”. To view the complete list of groups’ email addresses, click on your profile and select: “Integrations” from the right-hand menu. Then click on “Email Import” and you will have access to the full list of a group’s email addresses.

Next, you just have to press the “Forward” button on your email, and add the email address of the Team Zeus group/conversation as the recipient to forward it to the correct location on Team Zeus. (Please note: forwarding emails from one email address to a group will create a new conversation – as opposed to sending it to an existing conversation.)

Additionally, you can automatically forward all emails coming from an email address to a Team Zeus group/conversation, by creating a forwarding rule on your email client.

Here are the steps to follow to create a forwarding rule in Outlook and Gmail:

Create a forwarding rule in Outlook:

  • Click the “File” button, then press “Manage Rules and Alerts”, and click the “New rule” button.
  • Press: “Apply rules on messages I receive”.
  • Press: “from people or public group”.
  • Click on the hyperlink: “Apply this rule after the message arrives from people or public group”.
  • Enter the email address for which you would like to set up a rule into the “From” field and press: “Next”.
  • Tick: “forward it to people or public group”.
  • Click the hyperlink in the rule description: forward it to people or public group.
  • Enter the email address of the Team Zeus group/conversation to which you want to forward messages.
  • Click “Finish”.

Create a forwarding rule in Gmail:

  • In the Search box at the top of your Gmail inbox, click the down arrow.
  • Type the email address from which you would like to automatically export content into the “From” field, and enter any specific keyword to filter messages coming from that email address.
  • Click “create filter with this search”.
  • Click the hyperlink: “add forwarding address”.
  • Click the button: “Add a Forwarding Address”.
  • Enter the new forwarding email address, which is the email address of the Team Zeus group/conversation.

I. Examples of workflows you can create with email integration

With the email integration tool, you can create a workflow on any topic that requires the attention and support of your team. Here are a few examples of when the Team Zeus email integration feature will be handy:

    Customer inquiries: forward all emails from customers that are sent to your company via the contact us form of your website, to the “Customer Support” group. This will ensure that all customers’ inquiries are handled swiftly and anyone in the team can post their comments.

    Monthly reports: transfer any reports (sales reports, website visits reports, finance reports…) received by email to the relevant location on Team Zeus.

    Customer reviews: import emails from a review site like TrustPilot to the “After-Sales” group, so they are all made aware of a customer feedback and can act upon it.

    Social Media: send notification emails that you receive from Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to your “Social Media” group, so people from your marketing and sales department can be informed of any customer interactions you’ve had, and react accordingly.

    Newsletter: share an industry-related newsletter with your entire company, with information that is useful for people to know about the market you operate in.

    Monthly bills: import billing emails sent by a service provider to the “Accounts” group, so your account team can settle bills on time, and keep a track record of invoices.

II. Benefits of email integration…

Integrating email into Team Zeus to collaborate with your team presents a host of benefits, including:

    Problem solving: by automating the import of emails to Team Zeus, employees can react faster as a group to any problems that may arise (bad reviews on social media, complaint emails from customers, etc).

    Productive teamwork: it will be easier for your team to process and discuss the information contained in an email on Team Zeus, as all the replies will be part of one single conversation, and separated from other group discussions. As a result, team members won’t waste time trying to go through messages one by one, and they can all contribute easily to the conversation.

    Archive storage: by law a company has to keep a record of a number of documents and this can take a lot of space as time goes by. But thanks to Team Zeus, companies can store their documents electronically and securely, and easily find documents via the ingenious filters of our advanced search system; no more scrolling through a long list of emails to find a document.

Sign-up today for your free trial and experience the benefits that email integration can offer to your team!

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