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See who is available at a glance thanks to automated user status!

Team Zeus displays the current availability status of everyone on the platform, allowing colleagues to scan who is available, busy or on vacation – providing clarity and increasing transparency. A special selection of automated and manual user-selected statuses has been developed, to cover all scenarios.

The visible user status function has numerous benefits – here are some of our favourites:

Team Zeus has your back, no questions asked! In a meeting? Team Zeus updates your status automagically to tell others. On Vacation? Ditto, and your return date is shown too. Online, but not in the application for 5 minutes? You’re shown as away. Left the application open at the end of the day? You’re propagated offline after 30 minutes of no activity (so you’ll continue to receive email/push notifications according to your profile setup). Smart, huh?
Check who is in the office to assist you – instantly! The different user statuses (available – away – not available – vacation – offline) are globally visible, and colour coded too – so you can immediately identify who is on hand to answer your question. Don’t waste time looking for who is available – or even worse travelling to the other side of the office to find an empty desk!
Team Zeus user status icon
Stop sending long email chains to multiple recipients! Thanks to the benefits of Team Zeus’s user status, you won’t send an email to numerous recipients in the hope that somebody is free and able to help you with your request. We call this problem ‘emailed shots in the dark‘.
Never come back to an overloaded inbox! Updating your status means that when you are out of the office, people are aware that you are not available to answer their questions right now. A pro-active user status provides a better way for you to inform your colleagues that you are not available, instead of you receiving time-specific, irrelevant messages and your colleague receiving that dreaded out of office email!
Modern business communication should be pro-active, not re-active
Set yourself as “Not Available” when you need to concentrate on your work! To avoid being disturbed when you are working on an important project, you can set your status as “Not Available”. When your status is set to ‘Not Available’, any desktop notifications will be prevented, allowing you to be distraction free! It will also inform people that you’re busy – so you can work in peace, helping you to keep a single-focus mindset.
Scheduling meetings is easy! Via the Team Zeus user status, you can easily identify if somebody is on leave, enabling you to better plan a meeting by ensuring that the necessary staff will be available to attend.

We always recommend team communication, and with a combination of user status and thread status your entire company can work more efficiently: say hello to a natural conversation flow and say goodbye to erroneous messages and admin – forever.

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