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New Support Site

New Support Site

At Team Zeus, we make every effort to ensure that our application is as user-friendly as possible, in order to provide our users with full support from the day they sign up.

As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of our new support site, following the changes that were made to the old version of Team Zeus. The new support site provides full information and instructions about how to use the range of features available in the new version of Team Zeus, in the forms of small guides.

The tutorials are divided into 10 sections, and describe the steps to follow so that you can accomplish certain actions on Team Zeus. They are also illustrated with images from the app, to help you find the different tools that are mentioned more easily. Here is the list of the different sections you will find on the support site, as well as an overview of what each one covers:


This section includes ten tutorials that show you how to properly set up your Team Zeus profile and configure your account. We also provide some instructions on integrating external apps onto Team Zeus.


The different guides from the ‘Inbox’ sections defines what the Team Zeus Inbox is and explain how to effectively manage it with the use of the “Later” and “Mark as Read” buttons.


The various tutorials that are featured in the ‘Group’ section provide explanations about managing groups, such as: their creation, removal, or how to apply the various privacy settings that are available.


The message section offers guidance on carrying out different actions when you communicate with your colleagues, such as: attaching a file, formatting a message, editing and deleting a message.


Conversations are group discussions about a specific topic. The ‘Conversations’ section reveals how to manage conversations on the Team Zeus instant messaging interface.


Within the ‘Chat’ section, find out how to use 1-1 chat to speak with one of your colleagues, including how to postpone a reply to a message and how to filter messages to find a file.


The tutorials from the ‘People’ section offer explanations about how to find a user, their contact details and check their availability.


The guides from the ‘Search’ section describe how to use the advanced search system to quickly find an item on Team Zeus.


The ‘Calendar’ section of the support site provides full guidance as to how to schedule and manage events on the Team Zeus Shared Calendar.


Finally, the ‘Admin’ section of our support site contains user guides for the different powers admin users possess on Team Zeus.

So, if you are new to the platform or want to find out how to perform a specific action on Team Zeus, why not take a look at our new support site to become a Team Zeus expert.

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