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Integrated employee directory – in more detail

All of your colleagues’ contact information – instantly available and always up to date.

When a new employee joins a team, it’s essential that they are made to feel “at home” – and integrated into the company smoothly. The onboarding process should be carried out carefully, in order for people to align themselves with the company culture. Research demonstrates that enterprises lose 25% of all new employees within a year, with respondents saying that they need better relationships with their co-workers to stay engaged. So, what do businesses have to do to increase employees’ satisfaction and ultimately keep their workforce? A good onboarding programme is essential! Team Zeus features a fully integrated employee directory straight out-of-the-box, to help facilitate contact between colleagues and to provide a useful tool for onboarding new staff – allowing people to easy ‘put a name to a face’.

Team Zeus employee directory

I. Presentation

All employees of a company that are active on Team Zeus are displayed on the integrated employee directory. Unlike many ‘directories’ , which are usually an afterthought – and probably a standalone system that needs to be updated separately (so quickly gets out of date), the people directory is a core feature of our business communication platform – in fact all of our other modules revolve around this centralized system, keeping everything in sync at all times. So, when a new employee starts working for the company, they are invited as a new user and prompted to fill in their profile at first sign-up. Likewise, when someone leaves the company, an admin can deactivate them from the platform; meaning that contrary to a traditional directory, contact details should always stay up to date (without any additional effort). Any updates that a user makes to their profile – contact details / job title / teams / status, are automagically updated to their profile in real-time.

a) Display

With a sleek & straightforward design, the employee directory is split into two different sections:

– The main panel displays the full list of employees (active users). Users are able to scroll through the full list of employees, or can just look for a person in particular by typing his/her name in the search bar (at the top). Click on anyone’s name to view their full profile (in fact, you can do this from anywhere within Team Zeus, not just in the Directory).

– The left hand panel gives a complete list of every team (departments & workflows). By clicking on the department/workflow panel, you will be able to display all the members of a particular team.

b) Team Zeus’s user profile

Every employee that has signed up to Team Zeus will have their own dedicated profile on the directory, which includes the following information:

First & Last Name: to locate a co-worker by his/her name

Profile picture: Put a name to a face!

Extension number & phone number: so you have immediate access to your colleague’s direct phone number.

Email address: even though you can message your colleagues on the platform, it can be handy to have their email addresses (if you need for example, to forward their email addresses to a client/supplier/partner).

Job title: to locate a co-worker by area of expertise

Office location: if a company is a large organization, users can indicate on what floor they are working, and if it has different offices/sites they can specify their office location (address).

Time zones: if a company has offices in different countries, each single user can select their time zone. By applying a specific time zone to their profile, all users’ content will be displayed in the time relevant to this setting. If let’s say, a user who is based in France sets a meeting at 11 am, in the UK it will show as 10am.

Rooms: as part of our Instant messaging for business module, people can be added to different chat rooms. When a user is added to a new chat room, the room will be displayed on his/her profile.

Last Activity: The time and date when the user was last online, and their current status can be viewed here (detail view only)

II. How an integrated employee directory can boost business productivity

With today’s business constraints, a classic directory is without any doubt obsolete, as it is nearly impossible to ensure that its entries contain information that is up to date. It can be a full-time job to keep this accurate – what a waste of resources! There are many benefits to have an integrated, self-managing solution, here are our highlights:

Find the right person instantly: let’s imagine that you are a new employee that’s unfamiliar with the existing staff; it can be quite intimidating to have to look for someone in the office by just knowing their position, having to ask for their name and to find out where their desk is located. Narrow your search down using the team filter, so you can look for somebody with a certain expertise, in a specific department (e.g. click on the accounts team to find out who are the accountant(s)) and contact one of the accountant, if there are several of them).
Put a name to a face: every user can upload a profile picture on Team Zeus. This facilitates the onboarding process, as it will help new recruits to know what everybody in the company looks like. It will be practical to break the ice when people meet each other, and will help them to remember their colleagues a lot quicker!
Increased employees’ engagement: by having better relationships with their counterparts, employees will be more satisfied at work, and as a consequence they will be more engaged to meet their goals.
Find who is online in your team quickly: You can easily identify people’s online status (online, not available, on vacation), so you know whether they are available for a conversation, or not. If they aren’t available, you can contact another co-worker that’s online; improving efficiency and not sending out a “shot in the dark“.
Find contact details quickly – and always keep updated with job titles / teams. No more scraps of paper on your desk or time lost by looking for someone that’s not at their desk!
Find office locations: In the fast-moving world that we find ourselves in, multi-site businesses are becoming more common. Also, if you are part of a medium / large company – that has staff dispersed across several floors – it can be quite difficult for people to get to know each other and work together effectively. With Team Zeus you can quickly locate a colleague, and see if they are online – enabling fast and efficient communication.

III. The importance of good relationships between work colleagues

Our integrated employee directory will help to build healthy relationships between work colleagues, and will also facilitate the onboarding process when new people start working in the company. Effective team communication has a positive impact on employee satisfaction and thus on their productivity, as they will be more engaged at work. Considering that people spend more time with their co-workers than with their families, it is important that good relationships are maintained.

Team Zeus ensures that everybody in your company is in sync – without any extra effort – and that all contact details are up-to-date, easily accessible, and available at all times.

Trial Team Zeus now to experience all the benefits of an integrated people directory – and more!

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