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Improve your productivity by using the OHIO principle

“The ‘Only Handle It Once’ rule – a simple key to success”

The OHIO Principle: [ENG, abbreviation, the act of only handling things once.]

Crikey, is that the time? It’s the end of the working day, and your ‘to-do list’ is only half complete. Where did all that time go? What caused the day to go so fast?

Improve your productivity by using the OHIO principle

On average, employees check their inboxes around 50 times a day, which is a great deal of time when one considers that only 20% of emails actually require an answer (on average). The reason for this incessant checking could be due to a number of things, such as poor time management, bad habits, and a willingness to be distracted from work. At Team Zeus, we believe that the principle of OHIO is most effective when it comes to managing time effectively, and therefore we’ve built our business communication and collaboration platform with this philosophy in mind.

OHIO principle – presentation

The OHIO method promotes the practice of only handling things once, with the aim of increasing individual productivity. It was designed specifically for use in an office – most particularly in terms of deadling with email and managing paperwork. By being thorough; checking and processing email at certain times of the day – handling everything just once – you become pro-active and no longer feel that you’re a slave to that dreaded inbox.

The alliance of the OHIO concept with Team Zeus

When the OHIO precept is combined with the use of Team Zeus as your main internal communication channel, work related messages should not be read multiple times, and managed only once (or twice at the most – for those messages that involve more than an instant reply; but more on that later). Being able to reply to each single message instantly is impossible when emails are flooding in continuously. As such, the OHIO rule involves taking a decision straight away after reading a new message, and selecting the best step to take, considering one of the following actions (all of which are offered by Team Zeus):

Team effort – Team Zeus promotes asynchronous communication – we recommend that most communication should occur in ‘rooms’ – open threads with all team members contained – rather than traditional asynchronous communication that is promoted by email; ie messaging one person directly and waiting for their response before continuing. By communicating in threads, rather than a single person, team work will be encouraged. It prevents a user from sending a message to somebody who is not available, or who isn’t qualified to help – and prevents double work. The process of getting help from the right person will be accelerated. No longer is there a need to email multiple people in the hope that one of them can answer: people who are able to help will make themselves known and assist you with what needs to be done. Thanks to the thread function, all messages are available to all members of the team – thereby removing the need to repeat a conversation multiple times – forward it on if you don’t get a response – or even worse, forget about it!
See who is available for a chat – Thanks to the built in user status, you can see immediately if your colleague is online before messaging him/her. This will prevent you from sending shot in the dark messages and will ensure that you receive the support you require without delay, leading to the swifter resolution of issues.
Allocate specific times during the day for checking your messages – So you can concentrate your attention solely on urgent and important tasks.
Act immediately if a short response is appropriate – If a message will only take a couple of minutes to answer, reply straight after reading. If you can cross a ‘task’ off the list instantly, you should avoid postponing your reply until later.
Star a conversation if a longer response is required – If a message will take more than a few minutes to deal with, you should star it , and return to it later. By starring the message, you can define a level of priority and add it to your list of things to do. Contrary to ‘mark as unread’, the message is now highlighted as important – ready for later processing – and won’t be lost in your inbox.
Straightforward event planning – Check your colleagues’ calendars on Team Zeus, and set up a date for a meeting straight away without the help of a personal assistant, because you know for sure that everybody is available on a certain day at a specific time. Yes, it’s that simple! Thanks to our built in shared calendars for business, you can instantly view the calendar of any of your colleagues, and also check the availability of meeting rooms and other resources (interactive presentation tools, pool cars, etc…), to book all facilities that are necessary for an effective meeting to take place. You can also use our find a time feature to do the investigation work for you!

OHIO’s positive results & productivity gains

The OHIO principle is one of the simplest and quickest productivity principles to implement – yet it can yield some incredible results. It can be extremely beneficial to an organization if everyone in the company adheres to it – and the advantages can be seen instantly.

Better #productivity

By applying the OHIO rule in conjunction with the Team Zeus platform, problems will be resolved a lot faster, and decisions can be taken easily. Moreover, our group instant messaging interface means that employees won’t be interrupted unnecessarily: because if you haven’t got the time to answer someone on a thread, another of your colleagues can respond to the question instead. This will free up time and help users to focus attention on important tasks. Such elements will significantly boost the efficiency of your employees, and as a consequence the productivity of your organization.

Better #collaboration

The association of Team Zeus with the “Only Handle It Once” concept will promote effective team communication, helping to facilitate collaboration between team members. Instant help is available from co-workers, and ideas can be easily exchanged; without barriers. Teammates can meet the company’s objectives without hindrance and overcome obstacles with ease. This is the beauty of effective team work!

Better #communication

In our opinion, the OHIO rule should become a common practice in any modern company; and, when coupled with the power of Team Zeus, can enhance your firm’s performance to its highest level.

Team Zeus will streamline your company’s internal communications, organising each user’s conversations for them – and vastly reducing the amount of time spent on administration. A fully integrated solution (open messaging / shared calendars / user status) creates an ambient awareness throughout the organisation – and cuts down on unnecessary noise. As a result, everybody gets more done!

So: Only Handle It Once with Team Zeus!

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