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Data security

Private business data is the prime asset of a company, protecting it is essential!

High profile data leaks are becoming more and more prevalent. Handling confidential information by email has it’s risks, and it can be very damaged for data to fall into the wrong hands – just ask Lloyds Bank”. eMail was never designed as a secure way to transmit and store data.

At Team Zeus, we take the security of your company’s data very seriously. It is paramount to our platform, just as it is paramount to your business. Ensuring that your information stays confidential and secure is our highest priority. Fortunately, our technical founders are all highly experienced in this area, having worked previously for one of the world’s largest banking and financial institutions – where security must always be maintained at the highest level. In addition to the direct security benefits that our Team Messaging App provides, there are also the indirect benefits – each room and thread has explicit permissions that can be adapted at any time; to allow or restrict access from any individual or team as necessary.

Data security

How do we ensure the security of your company’s data?

Team Zeus’s security policy and procedures

The Team Zeus platform is secured thanks to bank-grade security, and everything is encrypted at source. To secure all of your conversations and the files you are sharing with other users, we use 2048bit SSL RSA public key (supporting the latest TLS 1.2 protocol), combined with the use of SHA256 signature algorithm and ECDHE_RSA (as the key exchange mechanism). Every discussion that takes place is encrypted in both directions. Every user’s password is also processed through a one-way hash-and-salt technique – before being stored in the database – ensuring that you are the only one who can view your data.

Moreover, we monitor the security of our system closely, getting routine audits done by respected third party security experts (using dummy data), to validate the security of our infrastructure, and to make sure that our system is protected against the latest threats.

Team Zeus certifies that no-one apart from you, can access your information including: text, files, messages, documents, images. You can also request a complete snapshot of all of your data in platform-independent XML format.

If we need to access your platform, for example to investigate an issue reported by you, we will only do this following your explicit consent.

Hosting security

Our main data centre is based in a secure location in the UK, with backups in two different locations. All of your information is processed in accordance with EU privacy and data protection legislation.


To provide full recovery of your data, back-ups are performed to a separate device providing a full archive log, and your data is synchronized in real-time to a separate physical location.

Data profiling

Team Zeus isn’t interested in data profiling and will never display any advertising on it’s software. Our interest is solely based on providing you with great support and an outstanding service; and not to profile our users for other interests.


Should you ever wish to cancel your account, a file containing all of your data will be sent to you via a secure method of transfer. The data will then be removed from our systems entirely within 30 days.

View our full Data Security Policy

Your security is our top priority! Our security policy and procedures are designed to protect the safety, privacy and confidentiality of your data. You can communicate safely with your colleagues whilst keeping your mind at ease – Zeus has you covered.

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