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Building a single focus mindset

A single focus mindset: “the act of batching and processing similar tasks together, without distraction, in order to increase productivity and preserve attention”

Do you sometimes feel drained at the end of a working day? Have you missed out on that important client lead that got mixed up in the myriad of things on your plate at the time? In the modern world of work, where distractions are aplenty, multi-tasking your way through the day is simply not an effective method by which to manage your time.

Why should I adopt a single focus mindset?

It’s important to think about the working day objectively. What makes a day productive? At Team Zeus, we believe that team communication and time management principles are something that should be instilled in us during our education, but are often things that people have to pick up ‘on the job’. In my own personal experience, you start your working life with good intentions, and your workload is probably manageable. But, as you gradually take on more responsibility, and hopefully your company starts to grow, the time in your working day appears to diminish rapidly. There is simply too much to do, and if you’re not careful you’ll spend your time flicking through notification to notification (or shall we say interruption to interruption), responding or filing as necessary. Each time you change your process, attention is required to assess and then re-focus.

Attention is the currency of Modern business.

We all know that morning feeling, when you first sit at your desk and think to yourself that today will be great and you’ll get so much done. Your mental capacity is restored from a good night’s sleep, and you’re ready for the working day ahead. However, before you know it, you’re on autopilot and half the day is gone. Everyone starts the day with a pot full of willpower, but each time that you need to re-focus, attention is required and your willpower depletes. You lose sight of your aims for the day, and important project work doesn’t progress.

On the other hand, what if your time could be better allocated? You start your day and quickly handle internal conversion – you pick up right where you left off, and there’s no need to file or archive messages as everything’s done for you. You don’t waste time on scheduling as the increased transparency in your organisation thanks to using a team communication tool works wonders. In just a short time – twenty minutes or so – you will be in a position to scan your client inbox for hot leads and allocate or deal with directly. You can then turn your attention towards the ‘big rocks’ of the day that will help you achieve the target that you’ve set yourself. You’ve managed to accomplish everything that you set out to do, quickly, efficiently and accurately. You’re in control, and you feel good.

Dividing internal communication from other tasks helps to build a single focus mindset.

Building a single focus mindset will help you to get more done, enable you to keep sight of the bigger picture, and you’ll finish the day feeling accomplished – but not drained. Who doesn’t want that? The good news is that using a team communication platform like Team Zeus will encourage every employee to form a single focus mindset.

Building a single focus mindset

The bad news, and ugly truth, is that email should not be used at work to communicate with your work colleagues. Outside of work, social networks and mobile apps are taking the world (and your employees) by storm. They are probably being used inside your workforce, too – whether you know it or not. Team Zeus brings all of the benefits of modern, social platforms and adapts them for the business environment. All of your conversations (and data) are in a single, managed place, allowing your entire workforce to congregate and collaborate. For those stalwarts that prefer to stick with what they know, Team Zeus also integrates with email, allowing people to work together in clear, open conversation (thus keeping everyone happy). Reducing distractions can also help people to develop single focus – so do encourage staff to put their status as n/a when they are working on lengthy tasks.

Additional benefits of using Team Zeus that go hand-in-hand with a single focus mindset:

Team Zeus has been designed with the intention of encouraging users to build the correct habits whilst improving their efficiency. A small number of benefits include:

The OHIO principle. There is no ‘mark as unread’ here, either act on something now or star it to return at a later time.
Say goodbye to long email chains! C’mon, who enjoys email conversations that are so long you could form a novel?
Zero admin. All conversations are automatically filtered and sorted for you, so no need to archive. Important information is always prioritised with Noticeboards, too.
Faster internal support.Get help from who is online and available now, and no more email shots in the dark.
No more double work. Conversations are open / closed, so when something has been handled, it’s handled for all.
Powerful search. Search all internal communication in one place, and quickly filter to find files / links without having to scroll up and down lengthy emails (and signatures)!
A single place for non-work-related conversations. The Lounge room provides a place for birthday and baby announcements, so that staff aren’t interrupted if they’re busy; and people can catch up when it fits their schedule.

We could go on all day…! There are just so many reasons to try Team Zeus: it will improve business efficiency in a number of ways (too many to list!). So, what are you waiting for? Start winning at work – right now – by signing up today!

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