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9 tips for using Team Zeus to ease back into work after a holiday

Summer is coming to an end, and with millions of workers around the globe returning from their vacations, it’s time for everyone to get back into work mode. Even though you might have had the chance to recharge your batteries, the thought of returning to the office after a relaxing time away isn’t very alluring.

One of the main reasons for this depressing feeling, is the dreaded thought of having to catch up on the work left behind, including catching-up with all the emails that are left unopened in your inbox. If you’ve had the foresight, you may have set up an automatic out-of-office reply to reduce people’s high expectations of getting an immediate reply.

Team Zeus, enabling you to quickly catch up when you are back in the office.

If you were working with colleagues on one or several projects, it may also take some time to retrieve all the information and files that were exchanged by your team in your absence; only after this can you know what next steps are needed to let you carry on with your work.

What if there was a better way to enjoy a stress-free return to work after your holidays? We have the solution: Team Zeus, enabling you to quickly catch up when you are back in the office.

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you start where you left off.

Before you leave, you should:

Set your Team Zeus profile as “On Vacation”. This prevents colleagues from sending you messages in your absence, as they will know that you aren’t around to respond to them; you can add a return date and time that tells colleagues when you will next be available. This provides more transparency to co-workers, and lets them know when you are coming back.
Add your holidays as an “EVENT” on your Team Zeus calendar. When you create the event, enter the ‘start’ and ‘end’ date of your holidays, so – should a colleague schedule a meeting the week you are on holiday – they can check your calendar and see that you are not available during this period.
Plan work ahead with the personal to-do list. In order to have a clear picture of what needs doing on the day you’re back, list all the tasks that you will have to do when you return (in order of importance). This will ensure that you do not have to waste time trying to remember what you were working on before you left. Add ‘due dates’ to enable automatic reminders from Team Zeus to help you finish your work on time.
Create a “Work in my absence” thread on Team Zeus, to ensure that urgent work is handled by colleagues when you are absent, and to equally share the workload between members of your team. Thus, your team can discuss in real-time and in only one place, the different tasks that need to be done whilst you are away. Everybody can contribute to the discussion and ask questions to ensure that they’ve understood your expectations and can successfully reach their objectives. Your colleagues can then add their tasks to their own personal to-do list. As a result, employees will feel less anxious about work not being completed whilst they are away.
Schedule a team meeting on the Team Zeus calendar in the week you return, in order to review together what happened whilst you were on vacation, and to find out where everyone is up to.

When you go back to work, we recommend you complete the following operations:

Cross off your list the word “ADMIN”: with Team Zeus, you don’t have to worry about filing messages into folders, as all the conversations are automatically categorised into threads, saving you some precious time to perform the rest of the tasks on your to-do list.
Manage distractions: your Team Zeus online status should go back to “online” when you are back in the workplace (if you set it up as on “vacation” and entered your return date before you left). We would recommend to set yourself as “not available” for the first few hours you are back at work, to avoid being disturbed by your colleagues and to focus your attention on urgent tasks. If people are still messaging you, simply add a custom mood message: “catching up on work – free in a few hours”.
Press the “Everything” button: rather than having to read each chat room to check your unread messages, click on the “Everything” button and quickly scan all the messages you have on Team Zeus. Then, star the messages that require a reply, so you can respond to them.
Press “Mark all as read”: once you’ve processed all the messages that were on the “Everything” feed, simply press “mark all as read” to remove all the notifications that were pending on Team Zeus. Once again, this single operation is time-saving and will enable you to catch up in no time.

Enjoy your holidays thanks to Team Zeus, the smart application that gives you the support needed to be instantly productive when you return from a vacation.

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